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G A T H A P R A Y A !

Hi, Welcome Back to My Blog! This time I’ll tell you about one of my school activities. It’s GATHAPRAYA.
 Hi, it's me posing in front of Gathapraya stage!

What’s Gathapraya?

Gathapraya is a cultural festival that presented by 3 Senior High School. It was taken from 2 Sanskrit words, Anagata and Abhipraya. Anagata means the future and Abhipraya means hope, which is taking depiction of archipelago. So, Gathapraya means cultural archipelago that full of hopes in the future.
Today, our cultural diversity has been started to forgotten by our society, especially the Indonesian teenagers. Our cultures that tend to be traditional, started to being replaced by modern technologies. The effect is Indonesian culture, day by day, is being left by its’ own nations.
Because of that, popped the our desire as the student of 3 Senior High School to participate in conserving Indonesian Cultures by helding Art, Literature, and Cultural Festival; GATHAPRAYA. Me and another 3 SHS Students, as the comittee; …

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