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prometheus vlog!

S C I E N C E   W E E KResearch, Olympiad, and Techonology Team (TRILOGI) of 3 Senior High School Bandung is an organization that is directly covered by the student affairs section of the school. from its own name can be seen that this organization is engaged in academics.
This organization is formed as a forum for students to excel in the academic field. The purpose of the establishment of this organization is to accommodate students who have the ability and desire to develop his talents in the academic field.
PROMETHEUS Scientific week is a research-based activity that aims to introduce and familiarize the nation's children about research. Another goal is to display rbl works of class 11 of 3 Senior High School Bandung.
My friends and I made a vlog about this science week. We had so much fun even though it was an educational event. Virgi and me also performanced Nasyid 3 and we sang 2 songs in this event to represent PAI.
Let's watch o…

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